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Sta-Stuk is a revolutionary new big-game hook design that is proven to improve your hookup ratio. 


The revolutionary design of Sta-Stuk began with a simple question: How do blue marlin manage to come unhooked so easily? As a lifelong marlin fisherman who’d caught his first billfish at age 10, Sam Peters had seen more big fish swim away than he’d seen reeled in. Through the company he built, Release Marine, he was able to meet more and more fishermen who shared that same frustration.

He realized there had to be a better way. Every other aspect of fishing has seen uncanny advancements over the millennia, yet the fishhook was more or less the same as it had always been. The hook, he realized, had to be the weak link. 

Enter the Sta-Stuk. By taking a fresh look at the hook, Peters was able to create something that not only brought the technology of hooking a fish into the 21st century but also delivered through rigorous testing. Elegant yet simple in design, Sta-Stuk has already proven itself on the open water, pulling in hundreds of billfish. 


We are a custom woodworking facility that specializes in handmade sport fishing
equipment crafted in America.

From our talented design team to our skilled craftsmen, Release Marine blends new trends in technology with traditional woodworking principles. Our customers become friends through our build process, and we are humbled by their overwhelming support. We stand firmly behind our commitment to deliver exceptional quality, durability, and imagination in every product that we design.


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When I was about fourteen my dad took me to Charleston, South Carolina and we were fishing the tournament there. We had a 600 lb marlin come and eat our bait. I was in the chair, I got in the chair and I was fighting that fish. Lo and behold after 30 minutes it came off. I was a 14-year-old kid in a fishing tournament and to lose that marlin to me was the world. 


I wanted to Sta-Stuk to be able to enhance that fishing experience for the guy who wants his first marlin. That hooked his first marlin and caught it like me being that little kid. I mean, I wanted that fish when I was 14 years old. To have lost that fish, haunted me now for over 40 years. I still think about it.

Sam Peters, President / Owner Release Marine + Inventor of Sta-Stuk Hooks

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