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Once he began pursuing his idea of a better hook, Peters turned to some of the finest engineers in the world. Absorbing their knowledge of physics and material strengths, he started prototyping in early 2017, creating every piece by hand in his own shop. 

“I tried ten different ways to hold the thing together and none were successful until I came up with the concept of using an inner and an outer stainless-steel clip system,” he said. That system proved so successful during one early demonstration that Release Marine VP Glenn Griggs said, “Wow, that hook really stays stuck, doesn’t it?” The hook stuck, and so did the name. 

It was time to take this concept out into open water and see how it fared.


Sta-Stuk consists of a hook with welded rings as well as an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve. To use, simply line up the welded rings along the slots in the sleeves and gently squeeze the sleeves together with needle-nose pliers to form a single unit.


Sitting down, going okay we have this hook. We've seen it work in our shop, physically. We know that it doesn't rip out as easy, we know that it breaks apart in a certain pound and drag, BUT to actually put that into the real world... 


Our first two trips with the hook were a complete, utter absolute, failure. I made a hook and unfortunately for me without giving away some keys to the kingdom I had made it wrong.  I had to clip the system on it and we hook 6 fish and all six of them jumped off. 


I didn't know what to do. It took me 3 or 4 days before I could even come back to earth to say “okay, now what?” I came home and I got everything out and I started looking at some engineering notes and I started studying some stuff that I had learned over the course of time and I realized I had made a fatal mistake in their original design.

Sam Peters, President / Owner Release Marine + Inventor of Sta-Stuk Hooks

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