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As a holder of nine different patents, Sam Peters is no stranger to the importance of protecting both the product and the process. 

As such, Sta-Stuk is protected not just by a mechanical patent, but by a utility patent that covers not just the physical hook, but the entire concept. Said Peters, “A design patent is just a simple drawing of an item that says, ‘This is my design.’ A utility patent is much more comprehensive and is a lot more expensive to file because it covers the concept of what the product does and why it works.”

 Sta Stuk is the world’s first fishhook comprised of multiple pieces held in place by a clip system designed to break apart under the right amount of pressure. No other hook comes close in terms of what it can do and what it can deliver, and thanks to this rigorous protection, no other hook will. 


The Sta-Stuk design is protected by a United States Utility Patent as the world’s first fishhook composed of multiple pieces which are designed to separate under a specified amount of pressure in order to reduce the rotational torque on the shank. 

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You know one day when we met with engineering and figured out this was a lever, I went straight to the drawing board, got out some monofilament, and started trying to stick things into things and watch where the tip went. I was almost stunned when I saw what was really happening. I realized that it had to be long to start and then it needs to be shortened up and I say this to people all the time, a Sta-Stuc is almost like a j-hook during the bite and like a circle hook during the fight. So, you get the best of both worlds when you actually are using it and I really struggled with the clip system and how to get that done. How to make it break at the same pressure, that was very very very difficult but when I came up with the inner and outer stainless rings I knew we had something...

Sam Peters, President / Owner Release Marine + Inventor of Sta-Stuk Hooks

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